Modest Kind



You wake up, imprisoned in decaying time vault. Place is crawling with Convicts gone mad, Memeplex creatures childishly wrecking everything and ancient artifacts of history lying around. Uncover the truth behind this place. Think you're smart enought to get out?


Team Vedanta presents Modest Kind, a Rogue-lite Initiation Adventure. Ever heard of Entropy, The Selfish Gene and Schrodinger's cat? This action-heavy, story-driven top-down dungeon crawler will put your knowledge to the test. Your Path to Enlightment begins now.

Key Features:

- Procedurally-generated rooms, astonishing bosses, fun enemies and endless artifacts

- Use your determination and skills to fight back hoards of Meme-like Infants with a weapon of your choice

- Customize your firearms: shotguns, muskets, crossbows, bio-weapons, machine guns, rocket launchers and more

- Play, learn new facts and train your brain solving Trivia riddles

- Lore-rich and story driven adventure of humanity's last stand in putrescent world of knowledge